It’s still it’s silent yet it’s in motion

Its after a long time (few months) I am back to my blog. We are all almost in a festive mode. Diwali ,Durga Puja, Eid are round the corner. Wish you all my best wishes and enjoy ,celebrate this festive mode with your family friends near & dear ones.

Here I want to share with you just few of my recent personal work, you can say experiments. I must confess that I am not happy with the results but got a clear idea what went wrong or what I need to do these kind of work.

This is amazing… its a new trend in photography.Its a still image but contains a moment in motion within it that help us to get a glimpse of that moment in real time. Interesting.

See you soon…

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KATHAKALI – Art of India

Kathakali (story dance) is a form of dance drama, highly stylized, one of the most magnificent theatres of imaginations and a true representation of the artistic traditions of India.

 It is based on Hindu mythology. Kathakali is a unique combination of  music, dance, drama, poetry, elaborate costume, attractive make-up, mudras (gestures of hands) and defined body movements blends in unique way to make this art form stand out from other classical dance forms. It originated way back 17th century AD in the state of Kerala,India.

Fortunately I was there to capture the beauty of the whole process from start to finish. It takes almost two to three hours for the artist to get their makeup done. Most interesting part is that they use only natural colors and elements for their makeup the same way century after century. There are no dialogs in Kathakali, artists communicate each other through mudras and body languages and story unfolds. Its an amazing piece of art of story telling.

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Ladakh:by road

Ladakh the mountain Shangrila is the highest inhabited region of India. This exotic destination is separated by the steep walls of rocky mountain and ice from Tibet, Kashmir and Himachal pradesh.One of the best way to explore Ladakh is by car except trekking. Here I am sharing with you some my images of the roads in and around ladakh.Road condition is really good. You will find some of the highest motorable roads (in the world)  which traverse some high passes like Kuardungla,Changla,Fotula,Tanglungla,Namikla and will take you some exotic hidden location high in the Himalayas.Miles after miles straight road through rocky mountain valley or sand dunes  to hairpin bend where frozen waterfalls hanging over the road to zigzag road up in the snow covered mountain .. everything is there waiting for you.The landscape changes from barren mountain to lunar surface to white sands to placid blue water in the pangong lake and of course clear dark blue sky would add a new dimension to the beauty of the indus valley.BRO (border road organisation) is really doing good job because majority  of roads in Ladakh are looked after by them. planing to visit again soon. Truly a mysterious land and paradise on earth.

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beat the heat

Winter is over here . Heats coming back . Comfortable cloudy foggy cold days are no more. clear sky, burning sun, scorching heat wave from Rajasthan already started make you feel uncomfortable and exhausted. Romance with a cup of Darjeeling tea in the morning doesn’t excite me anymore. Its a time to beat the heat with cold refreshing drinks.

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fire or fired

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few of my recent medical shoots

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days r coming back

things are looking good… hopefully will have a great year ahead

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